New(ish) Partners at NoonaCo

It’s been awhile since we updated our blog — and yes, despite the good weather it is still cold in the NoonaCo warehouse. But in our chill we’ve started working with a few great new partners. No, none of them are taking advantage of the chilly conditions and storing sides of beef, but they are making cool stuff and perhaps saving the world. We love living in the future!


INPulse makes a good-looking smart watch which can receive all sorts of information including email, weather alerts, sports scores, stock market updates and more. It’s highly hackable, even for novices. It comes in plain metal and stealth black. Perfect for clandestine NoonaCo booty calls.



Pearl Biotech makes bioengineering accessible by designing cool, smart equipment for the modern genetic explorer. This is cutting edge science here folks, and we’re not going to try and explain it all to you. Read more about one of the founders, Tito Jankowski here.


Pearl Blue Illuminator



Lower East Kitchen is founded by Q and Abe, two inventors from Brooklyn who recently relocated to San Francisco. Their goal: to democratize sous vide cooking with the Ember Kit v2, an open source kit to precisely control the temperature of any appliance. Read about hacking a coffee urn with the Ember on Chow.




Paper Jam Press makes your favorite song lyrics into cool letter-press posters. According to creator Arianna Orland, of Activate Studio, she makes these posters because cutting giant stacks of paper, setting wood type and scrubbing ink off her hands feels good. These prints are a great alternative to the “hang in there” cat poster of yesteryear.


I Wanna Rock Right Now    I Wanna Rock Right Now